Showcase Applications
  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist.
Much of our work is protected under NDA however here are a few examples we can share you

    The Trading Card Database
Browse, scan, and upload your favorite trading cards to the Trading Card Database.
Utilizing Silverlight 4, RIA Services, Out of browser capabilities of Silverlight, WIA scanner support, Telerik controls, Amazon Store API, and SQL Server.
    MultiTouch Picasa Photo Browser
A multi-touch enabled Silverlight client that queries the Google Picasa image service.
Flick photos across the scren.
Use two fingers to re-size images as on your favorite phone.
    ENGO Shopping Channel for the ROKU
The 1st and only e-commerce application for the popular ROKU platform exposes the vast majority of the Amazon API providing a shopping experience using your remote control.
Client written with the ROKU SDK. Server developed with .NET and SQL Server

To install on your ROKU click here.
    SuomiTV for the ROKU
SuomiTV is a .NET server and Roku client solution for quering and viewing of video contnet similar to the popular Netflix ROKU client.
Give it a try if you have the ROKU video player.
If you speak Finnish even better!
    Help Publishing and Presentation suite
A robust Silverlight help solution integrated into a customer’s existing website. Both publishing and
viewing of articles and media items are supported.
    Social Networking Engine
Our client requested a social networking tool to conect customers of an existing CRM solution.
This Silverlight client integrates into the existing UI in addition to a ful screen interface.
    Luxury Digital Photo Frame
Our client requested a collection of digital photo frames that didn’t exist in 2007 when we built them and they still top everything on the market today.
Solid state fanless design, 1280/1024 resolution, 24bpp, custom framing and features including UP&P for network discovery and RFID for user detection make this photo frame stand out from the rest.
Developed on a custom build of Windows CE 5 and the .NET Compact Framework.