Support page for ENGO USB IR Learner for Crestron AMX and RTI

  Current software Version 1.0.4 DOWNLOAD HERE (requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher to be installed on the computer) (requires USB driver be manually installed before use)

Current USB Drivers Windows Vista, Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit. DOWNLOAD HERE

Current USB Drivers Win XP, Win NT & 2K, Win98 & Me DOWNLOAD HERE

Legacy software DOWNLOAD HERE

Legacy software says I'm missing some DLL's DOWNLOAD HERE


  Q. What is the registration code for?  A.  It's required for the legacy software only.  When running the software it will prompt you for it.  The new software does not require it.

Q. I purchased a learner from you guys way back.  Will the new software still work for me.  A. Yes however learners purchased from us before 4/21/2005 may need to be reflashed.  We'll do this for no fee.  Just email us with the SN on the back and we'll reply with the info you need.

Q. If I buy a learner from you will the old legacy software still work.  A. Yes

Q. I live in Europe and I can learn codes but they do not inject into DEAL.  A.  Our Application and DEAL must be set to run with a US keyboard layout.  Just add a US keyboard layout and select it from the tray and you'll be good to go.

Q.  I bought a learner similar to yours but your software dosen't work with it.  A.  Our software only works with learners purchased from us.  Our firmware is different.

More to come over time.....

  Troubleshooting topics

  Check to make sure that the USB driver is installed and shows up under device manager, USB devices, as a USBUIRT.

Make sure you run our application as Administrator.  The application injects codes into other applications therefore needs administrative priviliges to do this.