ENGO USB IR Learner for Crestron DEAL, AMX IrEdit, and RTI Library Manager
  Our new software supports Crestron, AMX and RTI for one low price!
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The size of a credit card.
Connects to the USB port, not the serial port.
No external power required as with the serial port learners.
Learns ir codes and seamlessly integrates into Crestron DEAL, AMX IREdit and RTI Library Manager using our software.
Automatically moves to the next item in the list once a code has been learned.
Ability to test codes learned from the active session.
Saves IR codes to a seperate file that can be used for testing of codes outside of 3rd party software.
You won't even notice this one in your laptop bag.


  Our new software supports all 3 enviroments for one low price.  Price includes shipping.  Choose one of the two options below.

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  Canada Mexico and International Shipping $290